The Black Rock Inn Property was sold in June 2018.

The new owners are doing some renovations and plan to be operational in the near future.
The prior owner can be contacted at:

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Welcome To the Black Rock Inn. Hospitality Redefined


Every visit to Napa Wine Country is a special experience. The surroundings, the weather and the people are inviting and appealing. We’ve built a boutique Inn that offers only the best of everything. We then added services that discreetly wrap around you and your Napa experience.

Some boutique hotels may claim that they are special – but only a few truly deliver on the promise of making you feel special.

Everything we do is personalized to suit you. From your first phone call with owner and Innkeeper Jeff Orlik, you’ll experience our warm and sincere approach to building your stay experience with us. You’ll immediately feel how engaged, how responsive and how knowledgeable Jeff is about the Napa Valley. He’s already helping you plan a curated itinerary to make the most of your stay, whether you’re a wine novice or an experienced connoisseur.

When you arrive at Black Rock Inn our hospitality will be ever present. The Inn is carefully tucked away on a nature filled hillside. Pause and listen…you’ll be amazed at the sound of quiet. Our Victorian style building and landscaping are maintained like new. You’ll see the fire pit and gazebo beckoning you to enjoy your first sip of wine there. Once inside you’ll feel our attention to detail: hand selected tiles and woods create the first impression. The Inn is immaculately clean with designs inspired to make you feel relaxed and transported to a place of serenity and character. Our Tasting Room and Wine Cave – while intimate – is a fun place to talk about wine and to begin your Napa experience.

Our spacious suites are designed with an upscale traveler in mind. We anticipate your needs. You’ll see this in our approach to fresh, high-end furnishings with everything just where you’d want it to be. Large windows and French doors remind you of what made the Napa Valley famous: abundant sunlight and fresh air. Your nights will be quiet. Your bedding will be clean, crisp and comfortable.

Each morning you’ll experience our hospitality through our food. A cooked breakfast awaits you – different each day of your stay. A menu may include fresh juice, special baked goods, and creatively prepared, flavorful courses of wholesome eggs, potatoes, chicken sausage, smoked salmon and the freshest fruits and yogurts. Freshly brewed dark roast bean coffee and a selection of teas will help get your day started well. You’ll begin your Napa Valley day nourished and ready to reacquaint yourself with wine at its source.

Each afternoon you’ll enjoy a complimentary glass of wine as our guest. Join in and talk about wine, travel and the world with Jeff and other guests. We’ll help you pick out just the right restaurant for that evening and finalize the next day’s plans. Enjoy the spacious central living room with its fireplace and panoramic bay window and wrap around window seats. You’ll feel special because we know you are special.

The Black Rock Inn is hospitality redefined in a setting that few have the chance to experience first hand.  Please become our guest soon!